Activities Endpoints

Get access to Zenput activities data.

This is a step-by-step guide that shows how to use the Zenput activities endpoints.

What can you do with the activities endpoints?

The activities endpoints in the Zenput API enable you to get the following data:

  • Get Submissions: Details about submissions given an existing form template ID or an existing activity ID
  • Get Managed Companies' Submissions: Details about managed companies' submissions given an existing form template ID or an existing activity ID.
  • Get Submission: Details about a submission given an existing submission ID
  • Get Fields: Details about templates' fields given an existing activity ID

What do you need to know regarding activities?

The following table contains concepts regarding activities.

ActivitiesActivities are face-to-face chores that end users can complete.
FormsForms are the documents that end users utilize to track specific activities.
TemplatesTemplates represent blank forms.

End users set up forms in a web browser via the Zenput form builder.
SubmissionsSubmissions represent filled-out forms.

End users fill out forms on a mobile device, and then they submit them via the Zenput mobile app.
FieldsFields correspond to the questions that end users can select and configure in a form.

Templates contain sets of blank fields.

Submissions contain sets of filled-out fields.

What’s Next

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